Icelandic food

Our story: The Salthusid was born out of a passion for the sea, a love of local ingredients and a commitment to providing an unforgettable dining experience. We are a family-run restaurant that has served both locals and guests. Our history is woven into the fabric of this town and we are proud to be part of its rich history.

The menu: We at Salthúsið pride ourselves on offering a varied menu. From today's catches, drawn from our dedicated local fishermen, to juicy meat dishes and handmade dishes, every bit is a taste of our maritime heritage. If seafood isn't your choice, fear not! Our menu also boasts mouthwatering options for land crabs, including soft steaks and fresh salads.

Our commitment: We believe in sustainability and support our local community. That's why we work closely with fishermen who use responsible practices and ensure that our seafood is not only delicious, but also environmentally conscious. Our commitment to quality extends to our partnership with surrounding farms to produce fresh produce and create dishes that burst with flavor and nutrition.

The Chef

Þorlákur Guðmundsson

Láki is a culinary professional who embodies a unique blend of expertise, creativity and dedication, all with a deep passion for seafood.

He's a master of his craft. His commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability turns every dining experience into a celebration of the taste of the ocean.